The Real Reason We Don’t Know Anything About BLACKPINK’s Dating History

But, it just seems like SM needs to have a couple, and the couple should always be from their company, like, is anyone ever going to date a girl from any other company? I don’t know, it just seems fishy. Sorry for being biased, lmao. Let’s discuss KaiStal, now. As I said before, their dating confirmation was in March, but it was right after the photoshoot of TaeMin, Krystal and Kai, which was back in July. It was like SM was preparing for BaekYeon to break up since the hustle and bustle surrounding this topic was slowly wearing off, so they were preparing for them to break up and a new couple to rise. Oh, remind me again which groups in SM are the most successful with a hardcore fandom that would survive some hate? SuJu are now sonsengnims and don’t really need any more fame. Red Velvet are somehow new, considered rookies and their fandom isn’t that hardcore, yet. SHINee has a hardcore fandom, haven’t tried dating before, and they are nearly considered sunbaes though not sonsengnims, yet.

Why Are There So Many Dating Rumors About SM Idols?

Dating is such a BIG deal for South Korean personalities, so much so that the term “scandal” is used in the country to describe it. Over the years, the public’ s reception both in South Korea and internationally towards news like these have changed and shifted, but one thing remains constant: I t never fails to surprise the entertainment world whenever a K-celeb is revealed to be coupled up!

Here, we made a rundown of the top dating news that shook South Korea and the world. The two got married in a private wedding in and welcomed their first child, a daughter later in that year. They revealed that another child, also a girl, was on the way in

Date Division Subject. Press Release. “No.1 Artist” BoA has released a pictorial celebrating her 20th Anniversary with Vogue Korea! Copy URL.

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6 Dating Scandals That Left South Korea Shookt

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Official Firm Identify: SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. CEO: Lee Sung-su and Tak Younger-jun. Founder: Lee Soo-man. Founding Date: February.

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Sm dating ban

This exception was evident when the members told the hosts of Party People that they went to a club and drank for the first time since their debut when they visited Park Jin Young on a club-like set. Fans started to speculate about their relationship in October after Kai and Jennie both posted romantic photos in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris around the same time.

However, by January , the romance was over. SM Entertainment confirmed toward the end of the month that the two were no long dating. As for why they broke up, a source told Naver at the time that the two split because of their schedules. The insider claimed that Kai and Jennie wanted to focus on their careers but they ended their relationship as friends.

SM Entertainment & Girls’ Generation Have Proven That K-Pop Idols Can Openly Date [Opinion]. Confirmation of the relationship between EXO’s Baekhyun and.

There are a total of posts. Date Division Subject. It contains BoA’s unique charm with two points of view as her original appearance and inspirational muse! The music film of the self-composed song “Little Bird” will be released on September 1st! BoA, celebrating its 20th anniversary on August 25, was selected as the Vogue Korea’s September muse, and two photographers proceeded with gravure photography of two concepts that represented the BoA with different eyes. In this pictorial, BoA not only shows the original charm of natural and wit styling in a simple mood that reminds me of ordinary everyday life, but also as a muse that inspires many people with a flashy and intense production To the figure, he completely digested the reciprocal concept and showed off his unique appeal as a one-top artist.

BoA also participated in the “HOPE” project, which publishes cultural content collaborated with global celebrities to convey a message of hope to readers of Vogue in 26 countries around the world who are experiencing difficult times with COVID In addition, BoA said, “I wish the song reminded me of the past, present, and future of my song “Little Bird.

On the other hand, the frank story of BoA, who celebrates his 20th anniversary of debut on August 25, and various photographs can be confirmed in the September issue of Vogue Korea. The schedule of various contents is included, raising expectations for comeback. While strengthening his identity, he put a grand story of worries and challenges of visiting a new ego as an artist in a movie-like story and music.

In addition, TAEMIN presents an eccentric appearance transformed into a sensitivity vocalist through a new song “2 KIDS” released in a prologue single on the 4th, demonstrating global popularity such as iTunes’ top song chart 21st place in the world 21st place The The With the successful opening of the 3rd Album’s gun gate, we are expecting continued success in this “Act 1”.

Touches the hearts of global fans with fairytale-like stage in search of “E. I got a good reaction on the stage of all 16 songs up to the songs recorded in the album.

Sm dating policy

So, I’m here today to talk about a certain topic that has been on my mind, lately. So, let’s take a look at BaekYeon. Isn’t that fishy?

In response to the reports, SM Entertainment confirmed, “Changmin is dating a non-celebrity.” Changmin is currently starring in the JTBC.

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Sm entertainment dating rules

It was recently reported by SportTV News that the idol was in a relationship with a non-celebrity that he got to know through a friend. Changmin was being extra cautious of his new relationship, as she is not a celebrity and the last thing he wants to do is make the situation uncomfortable for her. What do you think? Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

Make every single moment count. If you need sample checklists, their artists are all. No dating policy. Sm on the supervisor-subordinate dating, procedures.

It is well known that a Kpop idol dating is a taboo subject, especially in the first years after their debut which is why many agencies such as JYP and YG impose dating bans. This all stems from the possessive kpop culture, many fans assume the idol are theirs and should only work hard and not date. Today, we shall be taking a look at some of the most awful cases of Kpop idols who paid a heavy price for simply confirming they were dating. The first on this list is actually the most recent incident.

She came out as bisexual about a month ago and shared photos with her girlfriend. She revealed that herself through her instagram account.

K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2020

Make every single moment count. If you need sample checklists, their artists are all. No dating policy. Sm on the supervisor-subordinate dating, procedures division overview. These does speed dating work Soldiers must keep it doesnt have dating?

The last dating news of came on the 30th of December with rumors swiftly confirmed that DBSK duo member Changmin was no longer a bachelor. SM.

Twitter Discord Plug. She tagged it lovestagram and ‘d him, that doesn’t sound like a “mistake” or a “relationship that ended years ago”. It looks like she wanted to make it public lol, if they broke up long ago then it just seems that she’s mad or something to reveal this. He’s almost 40 and a director at SM. While I’ve heard being a ‘director’ is mostly ceremonial than meaningful, I assume he has enough sway within the company to go public with his relationships if he wants.

They’re not denying the relationship happened either. I would guess it either ended on a bad note and she wanted to ‘expose him’ or she meant to send it as a private message in hopes of rekindling the romance. Lol, I don’t use twitter and I’m not familiar with how it works so I’ll take your word for it.

SM Entertainment & Girls’ Generation Have Proven That K-Pop Idols Can Openly Date [Opinion]

K-pop idols’ dating life is not like like the typical setup we see. Given that they are public figures, they make sure that they maintain a good reputation towards their fans, and that includes not having a romantic relationship. This is why dating becomes a huge controversy, and most of the time put in a bad light, even though they are old enough to date.

While labels should protect the best interest of their artists, their have rules on dating to follow and it’s different, depends which agency they are under. Park Jin Young has been known for imposing a dating rule among artists that says one should not date in the first three years of their careers, which was originally a five-year rule. Therefore, when TWICE’s Jihyo was caught up in a dating rumor with another idol, Kang Daniel, it was both confirmed by agencies as the female artist had passed the dating ban timeframe.

A second S.M. Entertainment couple, news of F(x)’s Krystal and EXO’s Kai’s relationship broke in April of After approximately one year, the two artists drifted.

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