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Proximate and ultimate consequences of polyandry in ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Effects of inbreeding depression, direct costs, mating constraints, and polyandry as a threshold trait. Evolution , 70 9 , pp. Abstract Polyandry is often hypothesized to evolve to allow females to adjust the degree to which they inbreed.

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Despite deleterious effects on individuals, the t haplotype is a selfish genetic element present in many house mouse populations. Theoretical models based on these properties predict a much higher t frequency than observed, leading to the t paradox. Here, we use empirical field data and theoretical approaches to investigate whether polyandry is a female counterstrategy against the negative fitness consequences of such distorters. We found a significant decrease of the t frequency over a period of 5.

We quantified life-history data and homozygous and heterozygous fitness effects. Population subdivision and inbreeding were excluded as evolutionary forces influencing the t system. The possible influence of polyandry on the t system was then investigated by applying a stochastic model to this situation. Simulations show that polyandry can explain the observed t dynamics, making it a biologically plausible explanation for low t frequencies in natural populations in general. In its classical conception, Darwinian evolution by natural selection predicts that genes have to contribute to organismal fitness to be successful.

An increasing number of cases are emerging where this paradigm is violated. Selfish genetic elements define such heritable entities. They spread through populations despite being associated with negative fitness consequences for the organism Burt and Trivers These stretches of DNA distort Mendelian segregation in their favor transmission ratio distortion TRD or meiotic drive and thereby gain an advantage over their wild-type variants.

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Proximate and ultimate consequences of polyandry in ants Hymenoptera: Formicidae. N2 – The process of partner choice and mating is of fundamental importance in ants, because queens copulate only during a very short time window early in their lives prior to egg-laying and eusocial life. As a consequence, several key characteristics of a queen’s later emerging colony are defined during these short and early mating events.

For example, the number of sperm a queen initially stores determines her total fecundity and therefore limits the size and longevity of monogynous ant societies. A key reproductive behaviour of some queens is that they copulate with more than one male, resulting in postcopulatory sexual selection if ejaculates compete against each other for access to the limited sperm storage space in the spermatheca. Furthermore, polyandrous queens could discriminate against unwanted males and their ejaculates, and thereby manipulate paternities in their own interest, for example, to increase worker relatedness.

If sperm from more than a single male becomes stored and used, genetic heterogeneity among helpers increases, which has a number of well documented beneficial effects. However, multiple paternity can also generate costs if helping incentive decreases due to lower inclusive fitness returns for workers. Polyandry can also alter conflicts within insect societies, for example over the sex ratios preferred by queens and workers.

Here I consolidate our current knowledge of how early decisions of partner choice and mating in polyandrous ants impact the life history of queens and males as well as their influence on the performance and fitness of the later emerging colony. AB – The process of partner choice and mating is of fundamental importance in ants, because queens copulate only during a very short time window early in their lives prior to egg-laying and eusocial life. Boris Baer.

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Researchers are still trying to find out why certain animal species mate multiple times during their lifetimes, while others stick with just one mate. Could the reason be a boost to the immune system? An experimental research project sought to find out.

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Polyandry is often hypothesized to evolve to allow females to adjust the degree to which they inbreed. Multiple factors Publication date online, 28/07/

Many women may casually date multiple guys, but some modern-day women are practicing polyandry: having multiple husbands or, in a contemporary, repurposed definition, several serious or life-long partners. Polyandry, the female-focused version of polygamy, is technically illegal in the United States ; thus, those who practice it do so without literally getting married. Denise Renye , a San Francisco-based psychologist who specializes in sex and intimacy.

But that doesn’t mean a woman can’t dream of putting a ring on those many male partners. I even asked my mother about it, and she laughed said it would be way too much work,” a year-old woman from Boulder, Colorado, who goes by Jislaaik tells Broadly. Very active in her local kink community as a mistress, Jislaaik is currently seeking three husbands in a scenario she likens to Big Love, only with “a higher level of control and authority on my part, and way better sex.

While some women like Jislaaik relish the chance to celebrate polyandry, other women in polyamorous communities view having multiple male partners as simply an inherent facet of the general polyamorous lifestyle. In either case, marriage is the key component that differs it from polyamory. It’s not something that is widely discussed in the polyamorous community, unless someone is correcting a misunderstanding,” says Effy Blue , a New York City-based life coach who specializes in unconventional relationships.

Blue has multiple male partners herself and says more men offer more emotional support—not to mention the sexual benefits. It also provides me different sexual experiences, somewhat eliminating monotony that inevitably happens in all long-term relationships. The variety ultimately keeps all of our sex lives exciting.

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