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If you buy a car and find out it is defective, or a “lemon,” you may be able to get help through Oregon’s Lemon Law. The following guide is not legal advice but can help you understand what rights you have. What is the Lemon Law? Does the Lemon Law apply to my vehicle? What does the Lemon Law say about used cars? Who can file a Lemon Law claim? How do I file a Lemon Law claim? Where can I get help with a Lemon Law claim? What can I expect from a Lemon Law claim? History of Lemon Laws.

Automobile Lemon Law

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As a young adult moving out into the “cold, cruel world,” the automotive industry has practically tattooed a bull’s eye on your forehead. Frequently, young adults have problems with buying a car simply because they don’t understand what they are getting into. However, there is some hope if you plan ahead and understand the complexities of what to do if problems arise later with the vehicle.

In Washington State there is a Lemon Law for new and some nearly new motor vehicles. This law RCW Be aware, that not all vehicles are eligible. According to the Washington State Attorney General, “an owner can request an arbitration hearing under Lemon Law at anytime within 30 months of the original retail delivery date.

The request must still be made within 30 months of the original delivery date regardless of how may times the car has been sold. Some vehicles are not covered at all. If your vehicle does not meet the criteria below, an arbitration hearing will not be granted:. According to Paul Corning, the Administrator of the Washington State Lemon Law Administration, all states have some form of vehicle warranty enforcement law. An arbitration hearing is meant to be an easier process than a trial hearing.

The arbitrator is like a judge in a trial; they will hear both sides of the case and then make a decision based on the evidence.

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Note: This pamphlet is available online only. In order to qualify under the Lemon Law, the vehicle in question must have been sold or leased in Florida. The manufacturer has 10 days from receipt of the notification to direct the vehicle owner or lessee to a reasonably accessible repair facility. After the vehicle is delivered to the repair facility, the manufacturer has no more than 10 days to fix the nonconformity 45 days for a recreation vehicle.

If the manufacturer fails to correct the nonconformity, the vehicle is presumed to be a lemon. After receipt of the notification, the manufacturer or authorized service agent usually the dealer must have at least one opportunity to inspect and to repair the vehicle. Once the vehicle is out of service by reason of repair of one or more nonconformities for a cumulative total of 30 days 60 days for a recreation vehicle , the vehicle is presumed to be a lemon.

In order to qualify for relief under the Lemon Law, there are certain steps that must be taken by the vehicle owner or lessee. If the manufacturer has in effect a state-certified informal dispute settlement program, and the owner or lessee has been informed in writing how and where to file a claim with the program, then the owner or lessee must first seek relief through the certified informal dispute settlement program. Once the request is approved for arbitration by the Florida New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board, the board will hear the dispute, generally within 40 days.

The consumer may ask for a continuance of the hearing, but this will waive the day period.

Oregon Lemon Law Guide

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In order to be covered by the Illinois Lemon Law, a vehicle must: from the purchase date, the time period in which Lemon Law complaints must be If the Dispute Board rules in your favor, you can expect one of the following compensations.

Each year, tens of thousands of Texans find this out the hard way by purchasing or leasing a defective vehicle or other consumer product that never worked the way it was supposed to. Texas lemon laws give all of us rights and protections if we purchase an inherently defective car, truck, van, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, motorhome or towable recreational vehicle.

These laws allow us to get our money back, recover incidental expenses related to the trouble caused by the lemon, or require a dealer to provide us with a working replacement. But not every problem will trigger the lemon law, and there are specific requirements before relief can be obtained. An experienced Texas lemon law attorney can help you understand your rights, get money in your pocket, and get you back on the road.

Texas law presumes that a reasonable number of attempts have been made to fix a problem and conform a vehicle to an express warranty if:. Do not be discouraged if your lemon does not meet the presumption. If your lemon does not meet the presumption, you may still have lemon rights and you may be entitled to receive a refund, replacement or cash compensation. You need to speak with a Texas lemon law lawyer who can assess your potential claim and provide you with an evaluation.

Attorney General

There is a lot of confusion regarding the Texas Lemon Law and what it does and does not cover. The Texas Lemon Law is a statute that is designed to provide consumers extra rights when dealing with a breach of a vehicle warranty. It does not cover issues with the sale of the vehicle, representations made by the sales people or anything that is not related to warranty repairs.

The Texas Lemon Law only applies to vehicles that have a connection in Texas.

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New Car Lemon Law Fact Sheet

Consumer Publications List. If your new car spends more time in the repair shop than on the road, you know you have a problem. In most cases, the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with your car will provide the coverage you need to have your car repaired at no cost to you. Your warranty will tell you what parts and systems of your car are covered and for how long. If you need repairs, you must have them done by a dealer, although you do not have to use the same dealer who sold you your car.

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